Established in 1991 to cater to the overseas markets, Indo International started off by manufacturing and exporting mantles to companies dealing in camping goods. Today, as manufacturers of kerosene/paraffin pressure stoves, roarer and silent burners for kerosene/paraffin pressure stoves, kerosene/paraffin pressure lamps, all types of mantles, kerosene/paraffin blow lamps, gas stoves, gas lamps, canteen burners and lighters for gas stoves, Indo International supplies its products to companies dealing in branded products in USA, Canada, England, Sweden, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Israel, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Uruguay, Hongkong and Korea.

Indo International's parent company, Prabhat Udyog Limited has been manufacturing kerosene/paraffin appliances for cooking and lighting in India since the last eighty years and was the pioneer in India for these products. The brand name PRABHAT under which products manufactured by Prabhat Udyog Limited are sold in India is well known for the exceptional quality of its products and following the same philosophy Indo International has added gas appliances to the product range.

The products offered by Indo International have diverse applications. Whilst in developed countries they are used for leisure activities like camping and fishing in the under developed countries they are used as essentials for everyday cooking and lighting.

A strong commitment to quality and strict adherence to delivery schedules have helped Indo International establish itself as a reliable supplier of high quality products to reputed companies around the world. Indo International endeavors to further strengthen its presence in the various markets it participates in by continuously making improvements in its products and adapting them to the specific requirements of its customers.